Apostille San Jose

San Jose ApostilleAre you in San Jose and need a California Apostille?

As the leading apostille service company in San Jose, you can mail-in your document to our San Francisco office for fast two business day processing.  Documents received by 2:30pm are process in two business days and returned to you by FedEx overnight shipping.

Common documents we receive at our San Francisco office are: birth certificates, death certificates, divorce decrees, marriage certificates, power of attorney, affidavits, diplomas, transcripts, and more.

Birth certificates and death certificates issued by the San Jose Health Services Department must be certified by the San Jose County Clerk.  If your documents are not certified by the County Clerk, you can either authenticate them yourself at the County Clerk’s office or simply mail them to us.  We have the resources to authenticate your documents at the County and the California Secretary of State’s office.

Below, we will answer some of the common questions we receive from residents and business in San Jose.

1. What is an apostille?  An apostille is a document attached to your document which certifies the official who signed it.  For example, if you have a marriage certificate from City of San Jose, the acting County Clerk will issue you a signed marriage certificate from the County.  The signature of the County Clerk will be authenticated by the State of California and an apostille will be attached to the marriage certificate.

2. How fast can you process my documents?  Our San Francisco office can process your documents in two business days.  If you need faster service, we have an office in Los Angeles that can process your documents the same-day.

3. Can you ship my documents to another country?  Yes, we provide fast FedEx International priority shipping.  Call us for quote.

4. What is the cost to apostille my documents?  This would depend on the type of documents you have, the destination country, and the number of documents.

Our #1 objective is to apostille your documents quickly saving you time and money.  Our San Francisco office is open Monday-Saturday from 8am to 7pm.